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Ender's Life Story - The Beginning.

The first ultrasound scan of Ender at 2 months into the pregnancy.

Ender Patrick Parry 8 weeks after conception

This is how it all began, Ender's the potatoe-shaped thing on the right.

Ender's Mum and Dad (Carl and Zühre) were trying to have a baby for 6 months. We were considering having fertility treatment when I was sent to Lithuania on business for a few weeks. When I got back, I had a short holiday. We didn't do anything special, just stayed around at home; but somehow Zühre became pregnant a month or so after I got back.

This is an ultrasound scan of Ender 12 weeks after conception.

At this stage we didn't know if he was a boy or a girl (I thought he looked like a potato), but we didn't care ... we were going to have a baby!


A ultrasound scan of Ender Patrick at 3 months.

Ender at 3 months into the pregnancy

We were so happy to see this ultrasound of a normal, healthy baby because at this time we had to make a decision whether or not to terminate the pregnancy with an abortion depending on the scan results.

Zühre had been having terrible neck pain and went to the Akdeniz University Hospital, where she worked, for a tomography scan. A tomography scan is similar to an X-ray, which can be harmful to an unborn baby - but at this stage Zühre didn't realise she was pregnant.

The scan showed an all-clear on her neck, but a week later she realised she was pregnant and asked the Professor who carried out the scan if it would harm her unborn baby.

"After an X-ray.. forget this pregnancy. Get rid of it and have another one"; was his answer.

Zühre was devastated and spoke to a colleague who said it was true that there wasn't much hope, but that here was a small chance that the foetus could make it. One of three things would happen after a tomography on a pregnant woman.

The most likely outcome was that the radiation would cause the foetus to abort spontaneously. The second possibilty was that pregnancy would show serious anomalies at three months and we would have to decide whether or not we should terminate the pregnancy.

The third outcome was that the pregnancy would continue unaffected by the radiation. Neither of us wanted a termination, but we decided to pray and wait at least until 3 months.

Ender's ultra-sound scan looked normal at this stage.......

Alagöz Family Barbeque 1st May 2006.
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Ender smiling
  Ender Patrick Smiling
  Ender and her aunty Duygu
  Ender with Duygu
  Ender's Grandfather Osman


Ender looking at Grandfather Osman

Ender loves his Grandfather...

  Ender smiling at Grandad

very much..

Ender with Dad Carl and Mum Zühre

Ender with Mum and Dad

  Family portrait

Alagöz Family Photo

Ender Patrick's utnies and uncles

Some of Ender's Aunties and Uncles